Waterfalls In Meghalaya To Visit On Your Next Trip

The Sanskrit translation of Meghalaya is ‘the abode of clouds’ and a waterfall in Meghalaya turns this abode into heaven. A mountainous getaway with beautiful scenery and captivating charm, everyone has read and learned about the beauty of this East Indian state, but the true beauty of the state can only be seen when you really travel there. You will be in awe with Meghalaya’s revealing beauty and would never want to leave. The state offers you a dozen of places where you can go for sightseeing and scenic waterfalls of Meghalaya are a must visit, to get your essential dose of beauty and serenity. All these qualities earn Meghalaya a spot in every traveller’s bucket list. which you can explore with our amazing Meghalaya tourism packages and visit these waterfalls to make your journey worthwhile.