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Companies save at least 50% of the cost by deploying AWS Backup and Disaster Recovery Solution as compared to maintaining one of their own. These approaches offer varied costs, scalability, and durability to meet compliance requirements. Enterprises deploy a mix of these strategies to achieve their business goals. RTO and RPO should be decided carefully to ensure seamless continuity of the business.
Data is the golden key to the success of any business. However, it is vulnerable to disasters that disrupt business continuity. Be it a natural calamity, hardware or software failure, power outages, or any human error, safeguarding this data against all these disasters becomes our top priority. AWS offers disaster recovery solutions for both on-premise and on-cloud workloads.
Owing to the exponential growth of data over years, designing and deploying a skilfully architected backup solution becomes a challenging job. Here, we will discuss four standard Backup and DR strategies offered by AWS, arranged according to recovery times, at the same time higher cost and complexity. This provides a secure and stable way of business continuity
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