Some tips for leaflet printing

The design size of the leaflet is the unfolded size of the fold. The regular sizes are A3 and A4.

The design size of the conventional A4 three-fold page is 216mm*291mm, the unfolded size of the printed product is 210mm*285mm, and the folded size of the finished product is 210mm*95mm.

The design size of the A3 three-fold page is usually 426mm*291mm, the unfolded size of the printed product is 420mm*285mm, and the folded size of the finished product is 140mm*285mm.

Leaflet layout design needs to be divided into columns, distinguish the primary and secondary order of the page, and distinguish the content and products according to the primary and secondary order. CDR and AI are commonly used in folding design software, and the processing of pictures and images is generally operated by PS. The resolution requires 300dpi, and the color mode is: CMYK.

Leaflet printing background color selection

1. A single color

2. Classic black, white and gray collocation

3. Bright colors

4. Color combination

Material of leaflet printing

1. High-definition video

When using photographic materials, pay special attention to the details and overall control of the materials. The pictures placed in the leaflet must be high-definition material. Do not put some low-resolution materials on it.

2. Add some interesting materials, such as graphics

Add some interesting materials to the leaflet to increase the visual effect, which can make the picture of the leaflet more interesting. Or you can try to use some interesting graphics, and use some interesting graphics to construct a pattern. Fans and waves are both a good choice, which can better guide readers to browse the content.

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