Smart Blackboard

I. Product introduction
Smart blackboard is a new type of smart nano blackboard, consisting of two writing boards on the left and right and a display in the middle. The all-in-one design eliminates the need to purchase any separate writing board, and the entire surface is larger and seamless for easy chalk writing. It can support ordinary chalk, dust-free chalk and various water pens.

II. Features of smart nano blackboard
* Keep the traditional blackboard/whiteboard writing habit and add the new smart whiteboard writing technology to improve teachers' teaching efficiency.
* Help teachers record all handwriting as electronic content, which can be directly saved with one click and easily shared to students.
* Helps students easily review the teaching process, so they won't miss any important notes even if they study at home.
* The saved teaching process can be saved in the cloud platform and shared as teaching resources.

III. Advantages of smart blackboard
(1) Can use chalk, water pen, dust-free chalk to write, erase and clean handwriting directly; automatic induction recognition, normal contact surface with a lot of water; nano tempered glass, storm-proof, scratch-proof and impact-proof.
(2) Android and Windows dual operating system, support any channel writing, annotation function. Windows operating system, massive teaching software support, free download; traditional interface, simple and easy to understand.
(3) Adopt anti-glare AG tempered glass, effectively reduce light diffusion and prevent reflection; blue light filtering technology also effectively protects the eyes of teachers and students.
(4) Intelligent gesture recognition, one key black screen, touch and writing switch at will, support full screen writing, writing without obstacles.
(5) 20 points advanced nano intelligent interactive touch technology, multiple people meet at the same time; full HD LED, clear picture, outstanding details; high-end industrial control OPS host, wireless Internet acc