Premium Villa in Kodaikanal | Thapovan Resort

Our Premium Villa in Thapovan is spread out to a spacious 1050 square feet and is fully loaded, with the modern traveler’s needs in mind. Each room is tastefully furnished, with comfortable spaces. This private villa in Kodaikanal has a large glazed window opening that lets you gaze at the mountains and bring in the moonlight on your bed. The stylish bathrooms are stone-clad and beckon tired travelers in with their impressive open to sky showers. That’s if you can take your eyes off the 3-sided bay window surrounding the view of the forest. So it has a living room with an extended garden sit-out where the private barbeque sessions could happen. Attached to the living area are the two master bedrooms with queen-sized beds in each with individual attached toilets. It’s the best villas in Kodaikanal for two families to stay together. These Kodaikanal villas for rent are ready to occupy.