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CBD has been gaining prominence in the last few years and has become the most talked about thing in the self-care market after kale, kombucha, and turmeric. It has earned a loyal fan base with millions of people around the world using CBD daily to treat many illnesses. They range from benign like anxiety and depression to life-threatening conditions like epilepsy, Alzheimer's, and Parkinson's. Although research is still to be done on the effectiveness of this drug, there have been many who have experienced relief. In addition, reports and evidence are emerging that suggest cannabinoids in other forms also provide positive effects on the body. One of these compounds that are attracting the spotlight lately is cannabigerol, which is often known as CBG. Find out the details of CBG, how CBG Distillate is made, and how it is used. This is the ultimate reference to Bulk CBG Distillate.