Is there any natural treatment for retinitis pigmentosa in Ayurveda?

Yes, there are many natural treatments are available for Retinitis pigmentosa treatment in Ayurveda. RP(night blindness) is a hereditary disorder that can save up to 90% of vision by providing appropriate ayurvedic treatment at an early stage. Ayurvedic treatment for night blindness usually involves a combination of therapies aimed at balancing the doshas. Ayurvedic experts can definitely cure your eye problem ‘retinitis pigmentosa'. Such qualified Ayurvedic doctors will be available to you in Vedicmed.

Treatment is determined based on the severity of the eye health condition. If you contact Vedicmed at the right time for treatment, that is, at an early stage, it is possible to save your vision. It is difficult to choose a specific treatment unless directly examine the patient and realize the present condition. However, some therapies, dietary guidelines and lifestyle changes can also help improve your vision. During the medical consultation, the doctor of the Vedicmed provides guidance on such dietary guidelines and lifestyle.