Introduction to Revit MEP Detailing/Annotation & Tagging

Explore Your Career in Revit MEP know what Annotation & Tagging Is? A career in Service Detailing & Tagging is one of the most growing options in the current scenario. Making a career as a Detailer Experts needs patience as well as skills. In the following article, we will walk-through various career opportunities as well as benefits of Service Detailing in Revit MEP. Have a look!

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Are you aware of Service Detailing or Annotation and Tagging in Revit MEP? Let’s begin with knowing the concepts of Annotation and Tagging in Revit MEP Annotation and Tagging is the concept used in Revit MEP where Tagging or a Tag is an Annotation. It recognizes the elements in the drawings. When a tag develops, the labels that added in the display represent the exact value of the desired component’s parameters. When the tag loads and gets placed in the project, the cost for the object’s corresponding parameters is showcasing by these tags.

In Revit MEP, a symbol is a graphic illustration of an annotation element or another object. Annotation scale in Revit MEP can utilize in getting the Generic Annotation that retains its actual size on paper. Thus, it means that Revit will compensate for the View Scale by scaling the annotation up.

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