Wondering what to do with jalapenos, from how to pick and store them to how to cut and cook them? Well, get ready because you’re about to get some knowledge served jalapeno kitchen 😜

Here’s what we’ll cover in this guide:

The F.N. Sharp Guide to Choosing, Cutting and Storing Jalapenos – Plus, 17 Delicious Recipes to Try!
Before we get into all of our jalapeno-cutting tips and recipes, let’s go over some FAQs:

How and When to Pick Jalapenos
So you’re staring at a pile of jalapenos at the grocery store, farmers market or produce stand, wondering which ones will set your taste buds on fire and which ones will leave you feeling lukewarm. Fear not, for we have the tips for choosing the perfect jalapeno for your culinary adventures!

When choosing jalapenos, your first instinct may be to look for those with super smooth skin and vibrant green color with a nice gloss; however, the appearance of your jalapeno may also depend on how hot you want it.

For example, that first instinct would land you on the younger jalapenos, which have that super smooth skin; however, this is also indicative of a milder jalapeno. So if you’re looking for a hotter jalapeno, you’ll actually want to look for ones that have what every woman avoids – stretch marks! The older the jalapeno, the more white marks and flecks it will have and the hotter it will be. Who says things don’t get better with age?