Global Electric Wheelchair Market is expected to expand at a CAGR of 9.8% during 2022 – 2027

As per the latest report by Renub Research titled "Global Electric Wheelchair Market, Size, Forecast 2022-2027, Share, Growth, Industry Trends, Impact of COVID-19, Opportunity Company Analysis," Global Electric Wheelchair Market Size will reach US$ 6.84 Billion by 2027. As per the WHO (World Health Organization), about 1 Billion of the global population has suffered from some form of disability in 2021. Thus, the electric wheelchair is a necessary implementation and experimental medium of a low-cost intelligent wheelchair for the disabled. Electric wheelchair is also known as a motorized wheelchair; it is a locomotion mechanism for non-ambulatory people. It is driven by electrical power sources, such as (SLA) sealed lead-acid batteries like dry batteries and wet batteries. Electric Wheelchair has a power base that houses the wheels, motors, brakes, batteries, and wiring harnesses underneath the seat. It also comprises backrests, headrests, cushions made of gels, contoured foam, and air-filled bladders. An electric wheelchair is normally operated using joysticks or switches that allow users to control the movement and acceleration.