Global Benzotrichloride Market- Forecast and Analysis (2020-2027)

Benzotrichloride chemical formula is C6H5CCI3 is an organic compound also known as trichlorotoluene. It is an unstable, yellowish colored liquid. In the preparation of other chemical products, such as dyes, benzotrichloride is majorly used. Besides, it is also used to manufacture other chemicals, such as chlorinated toluene, benzo trifluoride, and benzoyl chloride. It is also produced from radical chlorination of toluene where dibenzoyl peroxide, is the major compound for the manufacturing of benzotrichloride in which radical initiators and catalyzed light are required in the process. For the manufacturing of antimicrobial agents and antiseptics, ultraviolet stabilizers are used as derivatives. The benzotrichloride is known by different names such as phenol-chloroform and trichloromethyl benzene.

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