Exploring Types of Floor Plan Layouts in Interior Design Drawings

Explore various types of floor plan layouts in interior design drawings to enhance your understanding of space utilization and design aesthetics. Apart from floor plans and layouts, the design of interiors is the basics and offers a bird's-eye view of the space and what it can become. There exist different types of floor plans, each of which is configured to serve specific functions and satisfy unique design needs. The open floor plan stands out for its integrated living areas, consequent smooth circulation, and relaxed nature. On the other hand, the bordered floor plan transmits one area with another so that every room is distinct and makes out clarity and privacy. Split-level floor plans are a mix of raised and lowered areas with short staircases, with the staircases giving different levels, thus providing a unique spatial experience. The layouts can range from one type to another and directly affect the experience of being in a home or commercial space in terms of function, aesthetics, and emotions.