Exploring the Timeless Beauty of Houses in Goa

Goa was a Portuguese colony for over four centuries, during which the region experienced a strong influence of Portuguese culture, language, tradition, and, most notably, architecture. Throughout the state, you'll find beautiful houses that incorporate floor plans and features reminiscent of those found in Portugal. Despite the European influence, most of these houses were built by skilled local artisans, resulting in unique and stunning architectural masterpieces. Each house in Goa is a testament to centuries of stories and historical significance, making them special to us today.

Discovering Chandrapur: The Oldest Known Capital of Goa
We invite you to join us in exploring the city of Chandrapur, also known as Chandor, which holds the title of the 'Oldest known capital of Goa.' Imagine the days gone by when Chandor was bustling with armies, fortifications, battles, and flourishing trade. From the Bhojas to the Kadambas, this thriving settlement owed its prosperity to the connectivity provided by the river Kushavati, facilitating travel and commerce.

Chandor is also steeped in legends, including the famous story of a queen's curse brought upon the village due to the treachery of the kingdom's warriors. Today, Chandor stands as a living testament to its rich past, with its historic houses continuing to tell the tales of bygone eras.

A Glimpse into Chandor's Heritage Homes
In this journey, we will delve into the heart of Chandor and explore its heritage homes. We will meet the current generation of family members who reside in one of the village's most prestigious heritage houses. Through their stories and experiences, we will gain a deeper understanding of Chandor's architectural and cultural heritage.

Join us as we take a closer look at Chandor through its remarkable houses, each a beautiful blend of local craftsmanship and Portuguese influence, and each a witness to the passage of time and history.