Coaching Makes Changes Mindset

oday, I want to talk about the NEVER-ENDING cycle of self-sabotage that happens AFTER you experience some sort of "failure".⁣
1: You experience "failure"
Maybe because of a strategy or mindset issue, or maybe it just wasn't the right fit for you or the client, but because you're so used to self-sabotaging your mindset, you get frustrated and …
2: You go into a victim mentality
"Why does this ALWAYS happen? How do they make so much money but never me?" Using these absolute words further makes your subconscious believe that success isn't for you. Which leads you to…
3: You lose faith and stop taking aligned action
Because you've maybe "failed" a few times before, you & your subconscious believe it's just not gonna happen. You're not meant to be rich. You're not as good as them. You're not enough. So why even bother taking action? So..
4: When you DO show up, you show up with low energy
At this point, you're mindlessly trying to make things better, but you end up at number 1 – You experience "failure".
Self-limiting beliefs can contribute to other problems such as anxiety and depression. Dissatisfaction and unhappiness in life can often be traced back to these limiting beliefs, so engaging in a process and activities which can identify, challenge, and change those beliefs can have an empowering impact on our lives.
As a trained NLP practitioner, I can help you find the root cause and eliminate the limiting belief that has been holding you back. Importantly I can also help you create strong new empowering beliefs at the unconscious level that will support your goals and what you want to achieve. You can schedule a free session:
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