Browse traditional Nepali Gold Bangles from RB Diamond

Jewellery enhances a woman’s beauty. It is a Symbol of wealth and status.
Nepalese jewellery is commonly made from copper or silver, but we also be made from 22k gold and 24k gold. R.B Diamond Jewellers is a symbol of quality.
Tilhari jewellery is worn by the married women, especially from the Hindu community. Choose Tilhari in Green or Red Colour from Nepali Jewellery Shop Sydney.
Hatti Ko Puchar Bracelet is referring to elephant’s tail. Back in the days they used to wear real elephants’ hair but these activities are illegal now. People are using a replica made of plastic.
Hasuli necklace is a beautiful and eye-catching piece of jewellery RB Diamond gives for customer an intricate design and heavy metal make it a statement piece that can be worn for any occasions. Whether you prefer a simple or statement design, select a piece that resonates with your individuality and complements your wardrobe. From men's Cuban 22k gold Nepali Bracelets, and kids' 22k gold bracelets. For women's fancy Nepali Gold Bangles, RB Diamond Jewellers provide a wide range of 22k gold jewelleries.
Diamond Pendant are truly special as they cross the ages, preserving their priceless beauty and charm. If you're looking for a way to express your love and commitment, RB Diamonds have a wide selection of beautiful Diamond Rings.