Clean Lines and Minimal Ornamentation – The modern design focuses on use of strong lines, mostly neutral palettes, minimal decor and texture. It favours clean straight lines over curves and stresses lack of fussiness with uncluttered spaces. Simple furniture is coupled with dramatic pieces of modern art as a way to complement the architecture. Modern designs use cylindrical columns which form clear vertical lines and beautifully showcase the use of reinforced concrete in a revolutionary way.

De-cluttering is the Mantra- If you do not know why something is there, get rid of it. Modern interior design lays immense stress on de-cluttering and keeping it clean. The basic idea is to have only things that you can give a reason for and eliminate the rest. While designers accessorize your modern home, they keep in mind the mantra of an Less is more. You need to Declutter mantels, walls, countertops and other visible areas to ensure that clean and open view.