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Student Information System in Denmark | Learning Management System

Our school and online school Software is among the most dependable software, allowing for integrating all aspects of school activity. All significant schools and colleges in Copenhagen, Frederiksberg, Gentofte, Holstebro,... Read More

Student Information System in Georgia, Learning Management System

The School Management Software allows schools to handle various things, including grade books, report cards, scheduling, communication tools, and finance management, among other things. The School Software enables schools to... Read More

Learning management system in Iran, Student Management System

Our School Management Software supports and automates everyday activities in educational institutions. It is a complete solution simplifying the problematic administrative, academic, and communication aspects of running a school. Our... Read More

Student Information System in Cambodia, School Management System

Vidyalaya School ERP Software seamlessly integrates LMS, ERP, and digital content inside a school setting to benefit all parties concerned. Managing a school is simplified and more straightforward when the... Read More

Student Information System in Norway | Learning Management System

Vidyalaya releases an award-winning school management software that is equally gathering applause across the world. With its top-notch features, our school software facilitates both private and public schools in cities... Read More

Learning Management System in Netherlands, Student Information System (SIS)

School operations deal with various aspects from pre-inquiry, admission, sports, academics, exam, fees, transport, and others on a daily basis. Various schools adopt separate software for each or combined operations.... Read More

Learning Management System in Turkey | Student Information System

Modernise the educational system with Vidyalaya’s learning management system in Turkey. Also, our student information system automates school management activities by crafting exceptional, intuitive, & creative school websites. Turkey,... Read More

Learning Management System in New Zealand | University Management System

Vidyalaya’s Learning Management System automates and digitalizes almost all core processes like fee payment, admission, payroll, hostel management, fee payment & more. Also, try out our university management system. New... Read More

Learning Management System in South Korea | Student Information System

Vidyalaya’s learning management system stores massive data on cloud & authenticates with proper access privileges. Also, our school ERP system increase involvement of parents by updating them with fee reminders,... Read More

Student Information System In Kuwait | SchoolPortal

Vidyalaya offers the best school portal in the Kuwait. It comes with remarkable features like the Student Information System. Also, our school app manages these things hassle-free. Request a free... Read More