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AISI 1045 carbon steel is a medium tensile steel supplied in the black hot rolled or normalized condition. It has a tensile strength of 570 - 700 MPa and Brinell... Read More

AISI carbon 1040 steel is a widely used carbon steel grade due to its excellent combination of mechanical properties and cost-effectiveness. This steel grade belongs to the family of medium... Read More

AISI 1035 carbon steel is a higher carbon version of AISI 1030 steel, with a carbon content of 0.32-0.38% and 0.60-0.90% manganese. The increased carbon provides AISI 1035 steel with... Read More

AISI 1030 carbon steel is a mild carbon steel that has a small amount of carbon, ranging from 0.25-0.32%. It is also composed of manganese, ranging from 0.30-0.65%. AISI 1030... Read More